This is actually one of my new loves. Sweet little pots of goodness which you can serve with fruits and seeds. Chia seeds are not a mediterranean staple but they are so rich  in fibre that I wouldn’t want to omit from my diet. I use it in my recipes a lot, usually as part of my breakfast, green smoothies or desserts. They have an amazing ability to gelatinise liquids and you can use them as thickening to your jams, instead of sugar. This specific recipe is quite exotic and cheers me up especially when it is wintery and not very cheerful outside. Try it out by following the instructions below. You can use almond, soya, rice, oat, cow or goat milk if you wish but I have used coconut to get that summery flavour through. You can also serve with different berries, nuts and seeds. I only used pomegranate seeds to keep it simple and I believe they go so nicely with the flavour of coconut.


This recipe is full of antioxidants, fibre and omega 3. It’s sweet, refreshing and will help the function of your gut. // serves 2


250ml coconut milk (or any other milk you like)
4 Tbsp of chia seeds
1 pomegranate


1. Mix half the milk and half chia seeds in 2 bowls. I like using the Kilner jars, they are so cute!

2. Put the jars overnight in the fridge to set or for at least 3 hours.

3. Half the pomegranate and carefully remove the seeds of each half. Be careful because pomegranate seeds can stain your clothes badly. Wear an apron!

4. Scatter the pomegranate seeds on top of your bowls and eat while cold.

Note: It is a great dish that you can take with you at work, eat for breakfast or have it for dessert after your dinner.

Attention: Never eat the chia seeds raw! Soak them in liquids, smoothies or yogurt first.


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Pomegranate CHIA POTS

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