The old saying would tell us that “Life is never dull” and I have experienced this the last 5 days when I tried to improve my website by adding some code and managed to mess up my whole theme. I am so sorry for any trouble you may have had trying to access The Mediterranean Dietitian pages. I hope that the problem has been restored now and that life will go back to normal. 

I have been in Corfu island in Greece for quite some time now, and unfortunately it has been some very sad news in my family. One of these days I will find the strength to tell you all about it.

I am all excited though for the autumn coming as I have a planned trip to Granada, Spain for the International Congress of Dietetics 2016 and many many new recipes and projects that I plan to release. 

In health and joy,


P.S. Have you visited the online Mediterranean recipe collection yet? Click here for FREE recipes that will inspire you.

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