News and Updates by The Mediterranean Dietitian

Interview and Collaboration with “My Nutri Calendar”

News and Updates by The Mediterranean Dietitian Today’s post is an interview and a food photography collaboration! It’s my pleasure of hosting a food photographer and blogger that I have always admired, Marialena Nikopoulou the gorgeous London-based Greek girl behind...

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Biggest Diet Mistakes to Avoid (Before You Even Start)

News and Updates by The Mediterranean DietitianI have decided to give you this countdown of the 5 biggest mistakes people make before they start a new diet as I believe that knowledge is power. Considering dieting has been going on forever, dear how awful it is to see...

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The Pioppi Diet or the Mediterranean Diet?

DISCLAIMER: I got "The Pioppi Diet" book for FREE from Penguin. This book arrived at my doorstep approximately a month ago. I was very enthusiastic to be asked to read a book based on the Mediterranean way of life, the food, the diet, and its health benefits and write...

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Are You Tired of Feeling Stressed?

Are you someone who cares deeply about doing your best, yet you often find yourself feeling anxious or stressed out about exams, essay deadlines or job applications? Do you dream about doing work that is meaningful, that helps to make the world a better place...but...

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What great fun we had! I went to a local primary school to speak about the work of registered dietitians and healthy eating. The kids were so engaged and knowledgeable, I felt so proud of them! Thank you for the lovely invitation by their teacher, I was so honoured to...

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Attending the International Dietetics Congress 2016

The old saying would tell us that "Life is never dull" and I have experienced this the last 5 days when I tried to improve my website by adding some code and managed to mess up my whole theme. I am so sorry for any trouble you may have had trying to access The...

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Yes Chef! 2016 event by Action for Children Scotland

One of the things I love about this job is the opportunity to be able to attend inspiring events and contribute in multiple ways in charities and actions that work for a better world. One of them was the Yes Chef! event by the charity Action for Children which took...

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